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There’s no much interaction at home and almost zero chat. We only talk to each other if it’s necessary, or essential for maintaining basic biological functions of survival. For instance, “it’s time to eat”. Mom and dad never had a good relationship, and often they have violent actions. Perhaps that’s one of the causes of my stuttering. A few years ago, I did poorly on a test, and dad locked my outside of our home for several days. At first, I thought it was just a temporary punishment and I will be forgiven once his anger ceased, not knowing this “banishment” will continue for several days. They ignored me as if I never exist as a part of the family. Those days, I would put my schoolbag at the front door and sit on the floor. On occasions, they would allow me to go inside to eat, but often I have no food and have to figure it out on my own. At night, the schoolbag will become my pillow. That was my most painful memory of all.

EY 2019/06/19

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My father passed away when I was in the first grade. Before that, mom and dad had lived separately. I may not be the same as the stereotype of a feuding relationship that caused the divorce. But in a sense, I grew up in a single-parent family from the very beginning. I asked my mom the reason for the divorce a few years ago. Turns out, dad’s a little spoiled. Dad never went to work after their marriage, and at last, mom couldn’t stand it anymore.

I always imagined mom as a super-woman, an invincible hero of mine. Until that night. She was drunk when she came back. Her makeup ruined, tears were dropping like a flood. She grabbed me by the shoulder and asked could I forgive her of the incomplete family she gave me. That was the moment I realized she’s also a little girl that needs security and love.

Single parent family not only let me become more independent but also resulted in a stronger bond between my mother and I because we only have each other.

EL 2019/01/30

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I grew up in a single-parent family. I didn't feel much at that time since my life looks like this at the very start. But sometimes I still wanted to have a father, not knowing that mom’s remarriage was the beginning of another nightmare. My stepfather was nice to me at first. But after my half-brother was born, he began to treat me badly: stark differences in treatment, as well as awful languages. I could always hear his deliberate whispers, those that were in deliberate to harm me. Home is a place full of enmity and strangers. At last, mom finally got divorced. We are both satisfied with the current situation. I love her, she loved me, and that is enough.

DW 2019/05/18

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