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Tug of War

Because my parents got divorced very early, I had no memories of living with both parents. I don't get along well with my stepfather. He is usually very gentle but serious, however he is scary when he is in a bad mood, he would be loud, fierce, and he would slam the doors and breaking things. I always think he doesn't like me very much. When I was younger, I would be jealous and demand to sit with my mom, and my stepfather was not very happy about this. He would, too, get jealous, as he wants to sit with my mom as well. But, kids are just oblivious as they are, and could care less about manners and respect, which made the situation very awkward.

Once I remember, they had an argument. My mom feared he would become violent, thus she immediately packed up our bags, and took me to a hotel in the middle of the night. We stayed at the hotel for several days, but I still had to go to school. One day as I got out of school, my stepfather drove over and forced my mother to return home with him. Everyone was shocked by the situation. teachers helped us "drive away" our stepfather, and we went back into the campus to calm down. Many people say that families are safe shelter, but I think safe shelter are places you go where during a disaster, so you usually don't go there. As a result, I don't think family is a safe haven, it is a place that you love a lot. Whether you are happy or sad, it is a place you would want to return to.

IC 2019/06/06

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