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The Heroine

My father passed away when I was in the first grade. Before that, mom and dad had lived separately. I may not be the same as the stereotype of a feuding relationship that caused the divorce. But in a sense, I grew up in a single-parent family from the very beginning. I asked my mom the reason for the divorce a few years ago. Turns out, dad’s a little spoiled. Dad never went to work after their marriage, and at last, mom couldn’t stand it anymore.

I always imagined mom as a super-woman, an invincible hero of mine. Until that night. She was drunk when she came back. Her makeup ruined, tears were dropping like a flood. She grabbed me by the shoulder and asked could I forgive her of the incomplete family she gave me. That was the moment I realized she’s also a little girl that needs security and love.

Single parent family not only let me become more independent but also resulted in a stronger bond between my mother and I because we only have each other.

EL 2019/01/30



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