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Broken but Intact

When I was a child, I didn't like studying very much, yet as I grew older, I realized that it was time to start studying. For my first exam, I got an excellent score, and my mother was very happy. It was at this time, I suddenly felt as if studying could actually be fun. Because my father left, I had developed a stronger bond with my mother. We are often told that we look like sisters and we could talk about anything. Although my mother was not my father, she did not look as tough and could not provide me the paternal feeling, yet without a dad, my mom transformed into an unstoppable woman. She would give up everything for me. In the past, she was able to go out with friends and do as she liked, but now, she couldn’t. She has to take care of me and take care of the family. As you grow older, you gradually understand how much your mother has sacrificed for you. I know she is an amazing person. So whenever we argued, I would write a letter to her. Through the paper, I could convey how I felt about her, and felt about the situation.

Recently, I realized that my mother is very considerate of me. However, I am unable to be considerate of her with the same passion, a one sided love. Yet, I believe the effort in a family should be equal both ways. For me, my family, even with a single parent, is complete.

JT 2019/0606

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