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"We don't talk about that" offers an authentic glimpse into the private lives of children of single parents.  


The goal is to interview 30 youths from single-parent families and create a series of art pieces based on these stories as well as an extensive catalog of the interviews.




Family, the symbol of belonging, caring and love, is the first social identity one acquires in life. Over the past several millennia, the archetype of a “complete family” has consisted of two parental characters: a father and a mother. Any deviation from this image, especially in Asian societies, is viewed as abnormal and even inferior.



I've lived with my mother since the age of seven. My mother raised my sister and me alone. Her courage and perseverance inspired me to be proud of my unique family background. Yet even  so, the disparity between so-called “normality” and myself still terrifies me sometimes.

Is my experience universal? How did other children of single parents experience and view their stories? My personal curiosity in this, as well as my individual need for self-expression are the project's core values and intention.

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