Introduction to We Don’t Talk About That

Coming for to the general public Christmas 2017, we’ll begin our dive into the darkness of New Zealand.

However, if you are one of Philippa’s patreon, you will get access before then, along with an extended podcast which will include bonus materials, and the author’s notes. So become one a patreon to enjoy these perks, along with all the other fiction projects from Philippa. It costs about the same as a flat white in a cafe in Wellington.

No one used to know New Zealand, a country at the edge of the world, just to the right of Australia. Until it turned into a major film and television location. It was full of glaciers, forests, maybe the odd elf or two. It seems made for the camera, and now that it how the world sees the Land of the Long White Cloud. It’s a bucket list place to visit for many people.

Except New Zealand is more than just beautiful landscapes and ocean views. It has a history that doesn’t make it to the tourism brochures and websites. One full of secrets, mystery and tragedy. Scratch a little and you’ll find it’s just under the surface.

The first season will be initially ten episodes. So prepare to go beneath the veneer to a New Zealand you probably didn’t even know existed.


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